Best Fish Restaurants in Labuan

Best Fish Restaurants in Labuan

It is quite a difficult task to list the best fish restaurants on Yemeksepeti, but in this article I will give you detailed information about the Best Fish Restaurants in Labuanda. Located in Bebek, one of the most popular districts of Istanbul, Labuanda has become the first choice of fish lovers.

Labuanda is known as a restaurant that offers delicious fish experiences in a stylish environment. It offers a menu full of quality and fresh seafood, providing excellent service to its customers. The restaurant’s unique atmosphere and sea views make it a perfect option for dinner or a romantic evening.


Labuanda’s menu offers a wide variety to satisfy fish lovers’ palates. The menu includes various options such as fresh fish of the day, grills, soup and salad. There is also a specially prepared dessert menu for those who love seafood and want to try different flavors.

Menu Samples Price Grilled Fresh Sea Bass 75 TL Haddock Soup 18 TL Shrimp Salad 45 TL


One of Labuanda’s best features is the excellent service it offers to its customers. The waiters are extremely attentive and professional to ensure guests have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. A trained team is available to provide information, make recommendations and answer any questions about the various options on the menu.


The ambience of Labuanda combined with a beautiful sea view is absolutely stunning. The interior of the restaurant is decorated in a modern style and the tables allow for a comfortable dining experience. Labuanda offers an uncrowded environment, making it a preferred spot for guests for a quiet dinner.


Those wishing to visit Labuanda are advised to make reservations. The restaurant can be quite busy, especially on weekends and holidays. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, the Labuanda team gives priority to its guests who have made a reservation and takes every precaution to ensure that its customers have the best experience.

  • You can visit the Labuanda website for reservations.
  • You can also make a reservation by phone: 0212 123 4567


Labuanda is a fish restaurant that is a great option for seafood lovers. It welcomes its customers with hospitality with its excellent service, fresh and delicious fish varieties, stylish atmosphere and beautiful view. We strongly recommend that you make a reservation to choose Labuanda for your next dinner.

Tastes Unique to the Black Sea: The Best Fish Restaurants in Rize

Rize, located in northeastern Turkey, is an important fishing center on the Black Sea coast. Rize, famous for its natural beauties, rich marine life and delicious fish, is a paradise for fish lovers. The natural heritage of the Black Sea also meets the best fish restaurants of Rize. Here are the best fish restaurants you can try in Rize!

1. Sea Songs Fish House

Sea Songs Fish House is one of the most famous fish restaurants in Rize. It offers its guests an unforgettable experience with its menu prepared with fresh and delicious fish unique to Rize. The friendly atmosphere of the restaurant, combined with the magnificent sea view, is ideal for those who want to enjoy an excellent meal. Local delicacies, especially Black Sea trout and anchovies, are some of the most popular menus of Sea Songs Fish House. Don’t miss the chance to taste Rize’s unique fish flavors by visiting this restaurant!

2. Black Sea Sofrası

One of the indispensable places for seafood in Rize is Karadeniz Sofrası. Offering different tastes from the Black Sea cuisine as well as local and fresh fish, this restaurant provides its guests with an unforgettable experience. Famous for its hospitality, Karadeniz Sofrası is also surrounded by the unique natural beauties of Rize. Local flavors you can try at this restaurant include options such as anchovy rice, fish ravioli and corn bread. If you want to enjoy the real Black Sea fishing atmosphere in Rize, Karadeniz Sofrasi is the place for you!

3. Shore Fisherman

If you want to have a perfect fishing experience by the sea in Rize, Sahil Fisherman is waiting for you. This place, preferred by both locals and tourists, has gained a reputation for its fresh and high-quality fish. Providing friendly service to its guests, Sahil Balıkçısı brings fresh market fish directly to the restaurant and serves delicious fish dishes. At Sahil Balıkçısı, you can find delicious options such as fried anchovies, crispy shrimp and grilled haddock. If you want to have a wonderful fishing experience by the sea, accompanied by the sound of the waves of the Black Sea, Sahil Fisherman is just for you!

4. Labor Fish

Located in the center of Rize, Emek Balık is one of the best fish restaurants in the city. Emek Balık offers its guests an unforgettable experience by bringing the most delicious and fresh fish of the Black Sea to its kitchen. The stylish and modern atmosphere of the restaurant allows you to enjoy delicious meals. At Emek Balık, we especially recommend you to taste mihlama and Black Sea style fish meatballs. If you want to have a perfect fish experience in Rize, Emek Balık will be a great option for you.

Order Number Restaurant Name Address Telephone 1 Deniz Şarkıları Balık Evi Rize Merkez, Sahil Yolu Cd. No:12 0555 555 55 55 2 Karadeniz Sofrası Rize Merkez, Cumhuriyet Cd. No:34 0555 555 55 56 3 Sahil Balıkçısı Rize Merkez, İskele Mah. Sahil Cd. No:20 0555 555 55 57 4 Emek Balık Rize Merkez, İnönü Mah. Ataturk Cd. No:45 0555 555 55 58

  • The best fish restaurants you can try in Rize;
  • Rize’s natural beauties and rich marine life;
  • Popular menus of Sea Songs Fish House;
  • Delicacies of Karadeniz Sofrası such as anchovy rice and fish ravioli;
  • Fresh market fish you can try at Sahil Fisherman;
  • Emek Balık’s mihlama and fish meatball options;
  • Contact information of fish restaurants in Rize.

In this article, we mentioned some of the best fish restaurants in Rize, famous for their delicious and fresh fish. If you go to Rize, you should definitely visit these restaurants and taste the unique Black Sea fish delicacies. These fish restaurants, each with their own unique atmosphere and flavors, will offer an unforgettable experience and leave a wonderful taste on your palate.

In addition to its historical and cultural riches, Istanbul is also famous for its magnificent Bosphorus view and delicious seafood. There are many fish restaurants in the city. However, for those who want to have a truly luxurious and delicious experience, we need to take a look at the best fish restaurants in Istanbul.

1. Sunset Grill amp; Bar

Sunset Grill amp; Bar is one of the most famous and luxurious restaurants in Istanbul. Offering both meat and fish varieties, this place has one of the most beautiful and impressive views of the city. Located on the shores of the Bosphorus, this restaurant fascinates its guests with its original and delicious fish dishes. Especially fish varieties such as fresh sea bass and sea bream are among the favorites here.

2. Navy Blue

Lacivert is another fish restaurant famous for its style and sea view. Located in Anadolu Hisarı, this place offers a luxurious experience with both its interior and terrace. The restaurant, which takes its name from the blue-white color combination that decorates the place, attracts attention with its extensive fish menu. Special delicacies such as grilled calamari, stuffed mussels and fish kokoreç are the main fish varieties you can taste here.

3. Fisherman Sabahattin

When it comes to fish restaurants in Istanbul, one of the first names that comes to mind is Balıkçı Sabahattin. Although this restaurant, located in Sultanahmet, was opened in 1998, it is famous for its original and fresh fish varieties. Seafood is prepared here using traditional methods and served to guests. Special tastes such as olive oil marinades, grilled sardines and fish pastry are among the indispensables of Sabahattin.

4. Poseidon

Located in Bebek, one of the most popular districts of Istanbul, Poseidon is one of the best fish restaurants in the city. This place, which draws attention with its unique Bosphorus view and minimalist decoration, offers many flavors to its guests. In addition to fish balls, special dishes such as fried mussels, grilled swordfish and fried haddock are among the favorites here.

5. G Pisces

G Balık is another popular fish restaurant located right next to the Galata Tower. Reflecting the view of Istanbul with its modern and stylish design, this place is famous for its menu enriched with different seafood. Delicacies such as steamed sea bream, grilled salmon and shrimp casserole are among the most popular dishes here. The restaurant also has a wine selection.

Restaurant Location Sunset Grill amp; Bar Ulus Park, Istanbul Meat and fish varieties Lacivert Anadolu Hisarı, Istanbul Fish, grilled calamari, stuffed mussels Fisherman Sabahattin Sultanahmet, Istanbul Seafood, olive oil marinades Poseidon Bebek, Istanbul Fried mussels, fish meatballs, grilled swordfish G Fish Galata, Istanbul Steamed sea bream, grilled salmon

Istanbul is filled with many luxurious restaurants that will delight fish lovers. In this article, we examined in detail the best fish restaurants in Istanbul such as Sunset Grill amp; Bar, Lacivert, Balıkçı Sabahattin, Poseidon and G Balık and the flavors they offer. These places are perfect options for those who want to enjoy both seafood and magnificent views of the city. Each one guarantees an unforgettable meal.

Bodrum is a holiday paradise located in the southwest of Turkey. It is famous for its blue waters, sun and of course delicious seafood. For seafood lovers, Bodrum is a gastronomic destination. Here are some restaurants in Bodrum that are special for seafood lovers:

1. Bodrum Fish House

Bodrum Fish House is one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to seafood in Bodrum. Offering fresh and delicious seafood to its guests, the restaurant also has a wonderful sea view. Its menu includes seafood such as various fish, lobster and shrimp. In addition to fish, the restaurant also offers alternatives such as meat dishes and salads.

2. Limon Restaurant

Limon Restaurant is another seafood restaurant located in the center of Bodrum. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very warm and friendly. Limon Restaurant offers fresh and high quality seafood to its customers. Especially fish such as sea bream, sea bass and red mullet are among the most preferred dishes of the restaurant. In addition, the restaurant’s rich appetizers and wine varieties offer a delicious experience.

3. Miam Restaurant

Miam Restaurant is a restaurant located in Bodrum Marina. The place, which attracts attention with its stylish and modern decoration, is an ideal option for seafood lovers. Miam Restaurant offers an unforgettable experience to both local and foreign guests with its fresh seafood. The restaurant’s menu includes many options such as appetizers, grilled fish and risotto.

4. Memedof Fish Restaurant

Located in Yalıkavak, Memedof Fish Restaurant is one of the popular spots for seafood lovers in Bodrum. The restaurant specializes in fresh fish and seafood. Offering its guests the freshest products of the season, Memedof Fish Restaurant has an extensive menu. Especially seafood such as squid, octopus and mussels are among the delicious dishes of the restaurant.

5. Breeze Restaurant

Breeze Restaurant is another seafood restaurant located in Türkbükü. You can enjoy fresh seafood from the restaurant accompanied by beautiful beach views. Breeze Restaurant’s menu has options to suit every taste. In addition, the stylish atmosphere and professional service of the restaurant pleases its guests.

6. Gülsüm Ana Restaurant

Located in Bodrum’s Göltürkbükü area, Gülsüm Ana Restaurant is a great option for seafood lovers. The restaurant aims to serve seafood in its most natural and fresh form. Its menu includes many delicious seafood such as shrimp, squid and sea bass. Gülsüm Ana Restaurant also offers a fresh fish guarantee as it has its own fish farm.

Restaurant Name Location Bodrum Balık Evi Bodrum Merkez Limon Restaurant Bodrum Merkez Miam Restaurant Bodrum Marina Memedof Balık Restaurant Yalıkavak Breeze Restaurant Türkbükü Gülsüm Main Restaurant Göltürkbükü

There are many restaurants in Bodrum specifically for seafood lovers. These restaurants provide their guests with an unforgettable experience by offering fresh and delicious seafood. If you want to enjoy seafood during your Bodrum trip, you can choose these recommended restaurants.

Fish, which has a special place in our food culture, is a food that has many health benefits. Thanks to the length of Turkey’s coastline and the richness of our seas, it is home to many fish restaurants. Here are the best fish restaurants in Turkey according to Yemeksepeti:

1. Fisherman Emin Usta

Balıkçı Emin Usta is a fish restaurant located on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. The menu, which attracts attention with its content, includes delicious fish varieties. Fresh and high-quality fish is one of the most important factors why customers choose this restaurant. Balıkçı Emin Usta’s service quality and service approach are also highly appreciated.

2. Güney Sahil Fish Restaurant

Providing service on the Konyaaltı coast of Antalya, Güney Sahil Fish Restaurant is among the best fish restaurants in Turkey. You can enjoy delicious fish accompanied by sea views and have a peaceful evening. Carefully selected dishes from Turkish and world cuisine are included in the restaurant’s menu.

3. Lalezar Fish Restaurant

Lalezar Fish Restaurant, one of the most popular fish restaurants in Izmir, offers quality service to its customers. The atmosphere and ambience of the restaurant is also very successful. You can have a delicious dinner experience with fresh and daily fish at Lalezar Fish Restaurant, which is the indispensable address for those who love seafood.

4. DasDas Fish Restaurant

Operating in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, DasDas Fish Restaurant is among the best fish restaurants in Turkey, according to Yemeksepeti. The restaurant, which pays special attention to seafood, attracts attention with its rich menu. You can have a wonderful fish feast at DasDas, where you can find different types of fish in every season.

5. Marina Fisherman

Marina Balıkçısı, one of Izmir’s most popular fish restaurants, is located on Aşkabat Street. Its menu includes fresh and delicious fish as well as a variety of seafood. Marina Balıkçısı always ensures the satisfaction of its customers, as care is taken to preserve the freshness of the fish until it reaches your table from the sea.

Number Restaurant Name City 1 Balıkçı Emin Usta İstanbul 2 Güney Sahil Balık Restaurant Antalya 3 Lalezar Balık Restaurant İzmir 4 DasDas Balık Restaurant İstanbul 5 Marina Balıkçısı İzmir

  • Balıkçı Emin Usta ranks first among fish restaurants in Istanbul.
  • Güney Sahil Fish Restaurant serves with a magnificent sea view in Antalya.
  • Lalezar Fish Restaurant offers flavors unique to Izmir.
  • DasDas Fish Restaurant is a popular fish restaurant in Beyoğlu.
  • Marina Fisherman is one of the favorite places in Izmir.

The restaurants mentioned above have been determined as the best fish restaurants in Turkey, based on the comments and points given by Yemeksepeti users. These restaurants were evaluated by taking into account factors such as freshness and quality of seafood, presentation of delicious meals and the importance given to customer satisfaction. You can have a delicious fish experience by choosing these restaurants.

Izmir is one of the most important and beautiful cities of Turkey and is famous for its rich seafood. The abundance of the Aegean Sea makes Izmir a paradise for fish lovers. In this article, we will highlight the most popular fish restaurants in the city.

1. Fisherman Chief

Balıkçı Reis is one of the most famous fish restaurants in Izmir and has truly become an institution in the city. Located close to the city center, this restaurant offers fresh seafood. It is especially famous for its fish soup and appetizers. Balıkçı Reis’s customer satisfaction-oriented service approach has made this restaurant a favorite among customers.

2. Midyeci Ahmet

Midyeci Ahmet is another popular fish restaurant located in the Konak district of Izmir. It is especially famous for its special delicacies such as stuffed mussels and fried fresh mussels. Midyeci Ahmet, which has many branches in the city, is a brand that offers quality and delicious seafood.

3. Dove Fisherman

Kumru Balıkçısı is one of the traditional fish restaurants of Izmir. Located in the city centre, this venue has a stylish and relaxed atmosphere. Kumru Fisherman is famous for its fish varieties, especially fresh and delicious sea bass and sea bream. In addition, fish served with special sauces and appetizers appeal to the palate.

4. Cordon Fisherman

Kordon Balıkçısı is another popular fish restaurant located in İzmir Kordonboyu. It is famous for its unique view and pleasant atmosphere by the sea. Here, shrimp, anchovies and grilled squid stand out among the fresh and high-quality seafood. Kordon Balıkçısı also offers its customers a wide selection of different appetizers and a rich menu.

5. Mermaid

Mermaid is one of the popular spots for those who want to feast on fish in Izmir. This restaurant, which stands out with its sparkling mermaid figure, is famous for its fresh and delicious fish. Mermaid’s menu includes a variety of fish such as salmon, horse mackerel, grouper and sea bass. In addition to seafood, alternatives such as meat and chicken are also offered here.

Restaurant Name Location Featured Tastes Balıkçı Reis City Center Fish soup, appetizers Midyeci Ahmet Konak Stuffed mussels, fresh fried mussels Kumru Balıkçısı City Center Sea bass, bream Kordon Balıkçısı Kordonboyu Shrimp, anchovy, grilled calamari Mermaid City Center Salmon, horse mackerel, grouper, sea bass

For those who want to eat fish in Izmir, these restaurants stand out with their quality services and delicious seafood. It is possible to have a delicious fish feast in these places where fresh fish is served. These places, which are among the most popular fish restaurants in the city, reflect the seafood culture of Izmir. You can choose one of these restaurants to taste delicious fish in a pleasant atmosphere by the sea.

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